Hi, I’m Gyanendra Giri
a DevOps Engineer

Cloud Solution Architect with a strong passion for leveraging cloud technologies to drive innovation and solve complex business challenges. With over 10+ years of hands-on experience in the IT industry I have developed a deep understanding of cloud computing platforms and a proven track record of delivering successful cloud solutions for organizations across various industries.

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Cloud Solutions Architect

As a Cloud Solution Architect, I designs and implements agile cloud strategies. I analyzes requirements, architects scalable solutions, and ensures seamless migrations. Collaborating cross-functionally, I aligns technology with business goals, optimizes infrastructure, and strengthens security.

My expertise empowers businesses to thrive through innovative and secure cloud adoption.


As a DevOps Engineer, I streamline software development by automating processes, ensuring seamless integration, and enhancing deployment efficiency. I manage infrastructure, monitor performance, and troubleshoot issues, fostering collaboration between development and operations.

My role enables rapid, reliable, and iterative software delivery, driving continuous improvement and innovation.

WordPress Development

As a WordPress Developer, I am adept at crafting engaging websites and applications. I specialize in customizing themes, optimizing performance, and ensuring responsive design.

With a keen eye for detail, I create user-friendly interfaces and integrate plugins to deliver seamless and visually appealing digital experiences.

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Elita Molinari

Odyssea Digital Marketing

WordPress Website Security

Jun 29, 2023

"I am extremely delighted and completely satisfied with the services provided! The communication was exceptional, with prompt replies throughout the entire process. Moreover, the work was concluded within the designated time frame, showcasing remarkable efficiency. Furthermore, the level of expertise displayed by the service provider was truly impressive, demonstrating a profound knowledge of their field."


Ashish Deshmukh

SolveAll Solutions Private Limited

AWS EC2 issue fix for WordPress website

Jun 15, 2023

"Gyan has very good knowledge on WordPress, PHP and AWS. He found the issue very quickly and fixed it. I would love to work with him again."

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